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Infection Controls

Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

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Introducing the A3 Ultra Air Purifier: Advanced Air Filtration for Clean, Fresh Air

HEPA technology is globally renowned for its effectiveness in hospitals, clean rooms, and laboratories. Our BioGS® HEPA filtration system takes HEPA to the next level, offering true-HEPA rated performance. Utilizing a proprietary fiber material, it captures allergens and particles at 99.97% efficiency for 0.3-micron particles and over 99% efficiency for particles smaller than 0.1 microns.

BioGS HEPA filters not only trap common allergens and bacteria, but they also support optimum filter efficiency and longevity by reducing trapped contaminants. Unlike traditional HEPA filters, our BioGS HEPA filters prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses over time.

The A3 Ultra air purifier features a six-stage filtration process:

1. Pre-Filter: Traps large allergens, dust, and particles.
2. Medium Filter: Captures airborne particles larger than 1 micron.
3. Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter: Effectively reduces odors and chemicals.
4. BioGS® HEPA Filter: Traps particles as small as 0.1 microns with exceptional efficiency.
5. Customized Filter: Tailor your purification needs with options like Germ Defense, Toxin Absorber, Pet Allergy, or Odor Remover.
6. Negative Ions: Helps capture airborne particles for improved filtration.

Choose the customized filter that best fits your needs to target specific pollutants, allergens, and odors. Whether it's bacteria, mold, viruses, or chemicals, our filters are designed to provide comprehensive air purification.

Intelligent Purification with Three Element Sensing + Control Anywhere using the Rabbit Air App:

Our A3 SPA-1000N air purifier offers wireless internet capabilities, allowing you to monitor air quality and control purification from anywhere. With highly sensitive odor and particle sensors, the A3 adjusts its speed to ensure optimal air quality at all times.

Ultra Quiet Operation with Energy Efficient BLDC Motor:

Enjoy quiet yet efficient air purification with our advanced BLDC motor, which operates at five different speeds. With its low energy consumption, our motor ensures peaceful operation while keeping your air clean.

Exceptional Value with Long Lasting Filters and Low-Cost Operation:

Rabbit Air purifiers are designed for longevity and cost-effectiveness. With filters that can last up to two years and energy-efficient operation, our purifiers offer one of the lowest operating costs on the market.

Peace of Mind with Award-Winning 24/7 Service and 5-Year Warranty:

We stand behind our products with a 5-year warranty, 24/7 technical support, and hassle-free shipping and returns within 90 days of purchase.

Technical Specifications:

- Weight: 20.3 lbs
- Dimension: 19.7H x 18.9W x 8.4D in.
- Power Cord Length: 9.33 ft.
- Effective Coverage Area: Varies based on usage scenarios
- Power Consumption: 5 to 60 watts
- Noise Level: 20.3 to 51.0 dBA
- Air Flow: 64 to 286 CFM
- CADR (Pollen / Dust / Smoke): Varies based on model
- Wireless Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth
- Annual Filter Cost: Depends on operation duration
- Warranty: 5 Years
- Support: 24/7 Technical Support
- Power Requirements: 120V AC, 60Hz

Experience the difference with Rabbit Air's A3 Air Purifier, delivering unparalleled air purification for your home or office.

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